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Welcome to Rune Perfect! We are a very new Gold Farming site, and we aim at satisfying our customers! We also aim at growing our population of buyers so we can improve the products that we offer!

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Rune Perfect is a new RuneScape Gold Farming Site. Here you can purchase exclusive items that we offer. You can even purchase junk trades in which you trade useless items for GPs. We promise your 100% satisfaction.


Do you like RuneScape private servers? Well if so, I think you might like the one I code. We offer many things, and we have great staff.

I know this idea has nothing to do wiith this site, but I'd figure people that are waiting for orders to be completed could try out this server.

Tell me what you think about it :D

Here is a video below!


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Visitors notice

06/13/2010 07:11
Welcome to Rune Perfect! Please enjoy your visit!

Website launched

06/13/2010 07:10
Our new website has been launched today. We decided to start up this Gold Farming site because we want to see happy customers, and its summer time, so we have free time!

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